Sunday, November 3, 2013

It happened! We ran into an elephant in Amata!

So we decided to stay local this weekend because we can't go away every weekend in November as we are living off half a months salary. Tough but we will make it! I'll probably end up saying - "thank goodness for visa!" - I just know it. Staying local for me has meant catching up on TV shows, laying by the pool, doing my laundry, avoiding Tesco Lotus (I have already grown to dislike that place, and will let Alex and Nichole inform me of all it's hidden treasures since they went to "get to know" it better), and going to the other local bar on our little main road in Amata.


Friday night started out with some really spicy dinner, all my fault as I forgot to say mai pet (no spice) and then we moved on to "The Pub." We walked in and order some beers, sat down, and enjoyed some Thai rap videos. They are exactly what you would think, very entertaining! We moved on to a drink that all the none whiskey drinkers were sipping on which was some sort of vodka slushy, and apparently a lot stronger than we thought. We ended our night early because we were just that tired. Oh but before we left we did get to listen to a local band sing some popular Thai songs and a good cover of Maroon 5. We also got a cheers from the whiskey drinkers at the next table and chatted with a few other Kaset teachers who live in Amata. Our night, and the highlight of our weekend, was running in to this little elephant. Okay it wasn't that little but it was a younger one! After freaking out, I bought some sugar cane and made a new best friend. Here are the pictures to prove it!



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