Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A change of scenery!

So I have been blogging on this site since January of 2012 when I moved to Doha. 2 years later with lots of posts, and a few name changes, I have decided to branch out and start my own website. I am not sure what will come of it but I have lots of ideas for it and I am excited for this change of scenery! I've moved around a bit since I started this blog and I am now moving on to brand myself and hopefully make something more out of the ideas I have stuck in my head. My little sister has done the logo and I have the basic website up and running - thanks Emily!

Click below for the new site -

I will not delete this blog as I will link it onto my website so people can see my past travels and ramblings. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I don't know where my Saturday has gone?

Stayed local. Nothing much to say. Excited to save some money because April and May are PACKED. I have so much to look forward too and I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Someecards - I couldn't have said it better.

Today, was the worst day of teaching I have ever had, and I have had some bad days. Let's just say it ended in a Thai teaching telling off a student, parents coming in, an after school meeting, and some tears. No, I did not cry, even though I wanted to very much. Thankfully I ran into a P2 parent on the way out of school who informed me that her daughter speaks of me all the time and just LOVES English now. If I could have hugged her I would have and I am thankful she introduced herself today because after the day I had with my P3 class and one student I needed those positive words.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Should I play some music?

The best part of this video is Melissa asking at the end if she should play some music... because that would really calm them down! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"YOLO - You Only Lopburi Once" - Melissa Bing

Melissa coined it right - You Only Lopburi Once. This past weekend we traveled up to Lopburi to see some more of Thailand's historical places, oh and monkeys. I started off my journey on Friday from Amata alone because Alex and Nichole were on a field trip. To get to Lopburi I had to take a bus, the BTS, a moped, and another bus. It wasn't that bad of a trip and 6 hours later I was there. On the bus from Mo Chit to Lopburi a nice man told me all about Lopburi, informed me that eating or drinking in front of the monkeys was not a good idea, and he made sure the bus stopped near my hotel instead of taking me to the bus stop. 

Melissa was already there when I got there with some RANDOM and ANNOYING older British man bugging her and getting way too personal. After finally getting rid of him we ventured out for a drink only to find the reviews correct - Lopburi is a very sleepy city. We passed by some pretty scary dogs and a homestore filled with cats before reaching Q Bar where there was a very selective menus and we were the only foreign people. Oh and our waiter was overly dressed for the cold evening in a lovely inspector gadget coat. 

Alex and Nichole missed the last bus and didn't arrive until late Saturday morning. Melissa and I went into the main part of Lopburi to explore before the girls came and we didn't think we would see it all in the hour or so we were there but we did. We saw the monkeys, we saw the ruins, and we saw the aggressive monkeys. Let's just say we were not thrilled. But when the girls joined us we went again... and this is when Alex was attacked. Please see video for details. It was scary and funny, and just to be on the safe side we took her to the hospital for her rabies shot. After all the drama we went back for dinner and drinks... tried to find a more lively bar and failed so we returned to our hotel. We caught a train back to Bangkok so we can now add that to our modes of transportation in Thailand.

You can see Thailand and skip Lopburi. It really wasn't worth the travel time and hotel stay. I am sure I will see a monkey somewhere else on my travels and that one monkey would have been fine with me. Lopburi - you were a little bit smelly and your monkeys were not friendly! My little brother sent me the clip from Idiot Abroad when Karl goes to Lopburi. It was the only thing Karl wanted to do and he hated it. Enough said. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Field Trip - Ayutthaya

Today I tagged along on the M2 field trip even though I don't teach this grade. All OEG teachers are allowed to go on ANY field trip no matter the grade because our coordinator would like us to see as much as Thailand as possible. 

Today was long but interesting! We left at about 6.30 AM and got back at about 7.20 PM. It was a lot of bus time but it was worth it because we got to see a place that was once the capital for over 400 years. It was the capital until it was destroyed by the Burmese in 1767. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was already on my travel "to go" list so it worked out perfectly when the school asked if I wanted to join! Today we explored lots of ruins and visited some temples. We ended the day with a monk throwing holy water on us and watching the students and teachers donate money and pray with him. 

The girls with our "tour guide" - hopefully he
 told us the truth.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TRAVEL UPDATE - I am headed to help!

Travel UPDATE - 

From May 1st to May 22nd I will be working on Project Leyte helping rebuild in the Philippines!! I am pretty excited about this as the Philippines has always been somewhere that I have wanted to visit but I would never go there as a tourist when there is so much to be done! The Philippines is also a place that is very close to my families heart and I CANNOT wait to go help! 

As you MANY of you know I raised money for clean water in India last year... Just because! This year I would love it if you helped me raise money by donating to -

Please donate! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

I don't know...

But I do know that I will be returning to America on May 28th - who knows what I will do or where I will go from there though...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Because Thailand... Part 2.

Oh... the way the caption/name things!

At least he has a chair right? 
Spelling is not important here.