Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Miss what is the meaning of?"

It would be a huge lie if I said that I loved every minute of the Jumpstart class that I taught for 12 weeks. I would have to go with loved it for about 98% and struggled with it for 2%. This was my first time teaching solo and I can honestly tell you a learnt SO MUCH from it, and SO MUCH from my students. They were all so wonderful and I loved having such a mixed, diverse class. Girls and boys together in the same class - everyone said this would be the hardest part but to be honest the hardest part was having a class of teenagers. It is impossible to keep 26 (but normally around 15) teenage students happy.

Some of the teenage moaning lines I have gotten over the 12 week class -

"Miss this is childish"
"Miss this is too easy"
"Miss why do we have to do this easy vocabulary" (most would get them wrong)
"Miss do we have to write can't we just talk"
"Miss give us an example" (so that they could just copy my example)
"Miss can't we watch a scary movie"
"Miss if you want us to give this speech you need to give it first" (to waist time)
"Miss 10 minute break is not long enough how about a 30 minute one"
"Miss I can't do the exam this weekend because I am going to the desert"
"Miss can you help me with my essay" (can you write the essay for me)
"Miss I hate this song... can we listen to Taylor Swift"(They didn't like Don't Stop believin' - weird)
"Miss we need more listening" (when I have a day of writing planned)
"Miss the video was stupid" (the video was filmed in Doha and it was not stupid)

I have kept a personal journal of notes about this class but I did not blog about them online as I don't know how I am going to do this just yet. I don't want to offend anyone? I don't want to cross any lines. There have been times we have all been laughing so hard I cry in class, or things I read that I want to share but I still need to think of my best blog move for these.

I am sad to see all my students go but I know that they will all be getting into a Qatar Foundation University so I know I will see them around soon!

Fady (Mr. Math) and me last night cutting up some cake for the students :) 

"The best English teacher ever" - To be fair I did tell them they were allowed to write nice things! ;)