Thursday, October 24, 2013

My cleaning lady loves me - we'll at least I think so!

So over the past few days I have gotten to know some of the staff at Amata Mansion a bit better through random broken Thai/English, mosquito nets, and questions about stray dogs.


Meow - she works at the front desk and is lovely. Yes her name is like what a cat says and that is how she explained how we pronounce it. Her English is good and she can answer anything you really want to know. She also informed us after our run with wild dogs that they "only sometimes bite you" - comforting I know. This was right after we tried to do go for a run the other day and got a little scared because apparently the wild dogs do not like it when you run here. She was quick to ask with a very concerned look on her face, "why they bite you??"


The two cleaning ladies on my floor Pae (I am guessing on the spelling her name) and Sang Chan - helped me put up my mosquito net the other day. Mosquitos love me. They bite me and no one else I swear. Laughing at my worries of mosquitoes they informed me that eating them is the best way to control them. No they didn't say this because their English is limited, it was all a mime filled with laughter.


Sang Chan - is my cleaning lady and I came home from work the other day while she as still in my room. I'm not sure why she was in my room as they told me while they put up my net that Mondays were cleaning days. So I walk in and she starts laughing at me - this is common for Thai people to laugh when they see you or when you attempt to speak Thai or ask about food. She walks over to my wall and starts pointing at the pictures Pip printed out for me. Then points at me in all of them and laughs even more. Then she points at one of me dancing and is basically on the floor with laughter. So I go to my iPod and turn on some music on my fancy new disco speaks (15 dollars - heck yes) and I start to dance and point at her. She gives me a huge smile and thumbs up, and then starts to dance as she finishes mopping my floor. Let's just say it was an extremely entertaining way to come home from work even if the joke was on me. Oh and I will bringing her home with me, along with a baby elephant.


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