Friday, October 25, 2013

I need to learn Thai!

I tried to improve my horrible Arabic in Doha and I failed. I would say I am just really good at all the different additions to inshallah now. Oh and sometimes I can pick up on what people are chatting about - used to freak my students out when I would speak in English about the topic they were chatting about.


Now that I am in Thailand, and no one speaks English, communication has become a big problem. I have never been on this side of things. Normally, while traveling, English is a common denominator but here in Thailand it is not. Trying to order food has been entertaining. I think I'm saying it right but then I get something I didn't order. This morning I met one of the 1st grade teachers and she said she would help me with my Thai as she is a Thai teacher. Pretty excited for some lessons and for someone to teach me some basic Thai phrases, numbers, and food!

So far I have the first two phrases down -
P.Pom, one of the coordinators, took us for lunch and wrote down the things we liked. We have tried to order by ourselves and sometimes we get what we wanted but sometimes they bring us a meal like friend rice. Maybe they think we will like the fried rice better or maybe they didn't understand so they just bring us something simple - who knows? It's a guessing came when we go out to eat here in Thailand!


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