Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 weeks and 2 days - yikes!

I am horrible at updating my blog. I thought I was getting better but then September just became so busy. Time is going way to fast and I am not sure if I am prepared. Don't get me wrong, I am ready for a new adventure but I am not prepared in unfinished Doha business, Thailand forms, and packing (oh I am stressing about packing majorly because I always overpack). I did have a minor panic attack yesterday but then I reminded myself that I am actually more prepared than I think I am. Basically I just need to stop over thinking the little things because everything will be alright!

I only have one form left to complete - the medical (see last post for that rant as I don't want to go into it again... yes the story has developed). My sister is coming in a week and she is bringing me Auburn documents and mozzie spray. I need to buy a backpack so I can just pack all my stuff and relax in Doha for my last 2 weeks. My last day of work at CMUQ and TAMUQ is the 30th so I will have 11 days to spend with friends and family before I fly away to Thailand.

I have started to collect a bunch of travel quotes to have on hand to remind me why I am going even further away from home. Here are a few...

"The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life."
Agnes Repplier

"Any country where I am not bored is a country that teaches me nothing."
Albert Camus

"You can't control the past, but you can control where you go next."
Kristen Hubbard, Wanderlove

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