Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It will be one HELL of an adventure!

So people have been asking me this question A LOT - "What is after Thailand?" It was freaking me out because I didn't have any plans after Thailand, apart from a month or so of traveling, until TODAY.

After Thailand and travels I will return to AMERICA to see my family and catch up with my friends and then sometime in the SUMMER of 2014 I WILL be moving to Australia for 1 YEAR on a working visa.

This plan started from a conversation about opening a bar with Pip and Christina and we have now decided that owning bar might be a bit tricky and Australia for a year is where it is at! The wonderful Pip (link to her amazing blog HERE) has started the research and I do not see any reasons why we cannot make this dream come true! We will arrive in Australia to live in a hostel, until we find an apartment, and we will be jobless when we get there.

I am writing this post because one day I want to say - "remember that time we planned to move to Australia and we did?" This is happening, it is THE plan, we WILL do this, more memories will be made. more travels are ahead of us, and it will be one HELL of an adventure.

UPDATE - Megan is now game and moving with us also :)

Australia here we come! :)

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