Friday, April 19, 2013

Raft Race at Bir Zekreet!

The First Annual Raft Race at Bir Zekreet was not something to be missed. Rafts lost control, one sank and part of it was lost forever, and the girls won (I knew they would). When they rocked up everyone laughed at their tiny raft but clearly simple was perfect in the end. I really hope a video of the race surfaces soon as it was really something funny to watch.

As I drove through the very small town of Bir Zekreet I was reminded of the unforgettable, not because it was amazing, camping trip I had when I was at Doha College doing my International Award. We were suppose to go to Sri Lanka but because of the tsunami we were unable to travel there. Instead we went to Bir Zekreet. I had been there many times before and camped in style but I had never been there for a few days at a time, and I had never had to walk for hours in the heat before setting up camp. I remember trying to make it fun, everyone picking places to imagine we were, but nothing really helped the fact that instead of being in a jungle we were in a desert. Someone in my group forgot our pots so we had to share with other groups, thankfully we didn't give her the responsibility of the tent. Often instead of walking we would run in hopes that the pain of just being in a large pit of sand would go away. Our teachers would drive by in a car and point to a "rock" to walk to - I am sure you can imagine the excitement. It was an interesting experience being stuck in a desert with no way out, don't get me wrong we had some laughs but we all knew that deep down we were all thinking -  "why did I sign up for this???" To make matters worse the next level up for the International Award still got to go on their trip to India, and when they came back with photos and stories of rafting and already pitched tents you could see hate in all the Bir Zekreet survivors. They are lucky they are still alive, desert fever is a serious condition!

It is funny how some memories come back to me so vividly here in Qatar. That trip must have been about 8 years ago now but I still remember so much about it. The raft race today was an a great day out and extremely funny to watch. Many stayed the night, however, I made a quick get away at dusk in my car. I don't think I will every enjoy camping again in the desert. Day trips are good enough!

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