Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Visit to Katara...

Today I went to Katara for the first time to meet my Best Friend and her mother for coffee and to wonder around the livestock exhibition. For photos of Katara click HERE

It is such an amazing structure... the architecture is unreal! There is a huge outdoor amphitheater made from marble where they often have famous Arabic artists play, and next month they will have a TED conference there. Worth reading about HERE.

We went to the livestock exhibition where they were selling sheep and strange looking goats auction style, got free henna (my favorite), and watched children play some traditional games (and jump rope). Katara is defiantly one of Qatar's gems and it always has art exhibitions going on, it is the home for the Doha Film Institute, and it is a very popular place for not only the tourists but the Qatari people. 

For the official Katara website click HERE

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