Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is this pub good?

Today we went on a drive around Yorkshire. I saw the village where All Creatures Great and Small was filmed, well part of it, and now I need to watch the movies so I can appreciate it. We stopped for lunch at a hotel that both my Gramma and Cheryl say they “don’t remember being great” so I am slightly confused why we stop here? I had the Fish and Chips and I thought it was great. They drink tea and coffee while I chug on water. I seem to be dehydrated this trip. I think it is because it is so cold outside, and then so warm from all the heaters and layers inside that I am not pumping myself with as much water as I normally do. An interesting topic comes up at lunch about how mu Aunt Cheryl stole an ashtray from this hotel when they were here last. I say to her “oh is that why your picture was at the door with the title not allowed on premises,” her and my Gramma burst into laughter. 

We get back in the car and drive some more, stopping to take pictures every once and a while. We are chatting the whole time and my Gramma asks if I remember when we lived in England when I was younger and the time she came to visit. I honestly don’t remember much about this time. Just small details. Like hiding places in the house, the pony Emily and I got to ride, and the day that Emily fell out of the moving car and we found her on the other side of the country road sitting straight up in her car seat. She then goes on to say that Emily would sit in the back and say “Gramma you are lost again” any time we got in the car, and she remembers one time we both were in the back giggling to death and she asked why and we just laughed more… only to find out when we reached our destination that she had been driving with the boot up the whole way home. About half an hour goes by and my Gramma says she thinks she is going the right way home and I say in a very Emily tone “Gramma you are lost again” which brings them both into a fit of giggles.

We get home just as it is getting dark, the wind has picked up and it howls throughout the house. A night of reading, chatting, and tv follows our day of country driving. I absolutely love being here with them. I love to just sit back and listen to them speak to each other. I wonder if this will be what Emily and I will be like. Everyone one says my Gramma looks and act younger than her younger sister. I mean my Gramma is the one driving! And this has already happened to Emily and I (and it really upsets her when people ask if she is the eldest)! 

Country snaps...

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