Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello Dream Car - now snap back to reality!

Since it is just me and my Daddy here in Doha we did a guy thing today by going to Qatar Motorshow. I found my dream car, the white Mercedes below, and my Dad now wants to trade his old Mini in for the flashy new one we saw. Honestly after we left we saw most of the cars on the roads of Doha anyways. Everyday in Doha is a car show. What I don't get is Toyota Landcruiser's are still expensive, yes the gas for them is cheap, but even with the big price to buy one everyone still seems to drive them. Where can I get some of this Landcruiser money? And can I get it, say tomorrow? I'd count them for you to give you a day's tally but it would be something like 1982378172387 (over exaggerating but I am sure you get the point). I keep on asking my Dad when my car will arrive and he gives me a "you are stupid look" which I reply with an "i'm not kidding look." Seriously when will it be in the drive way? 

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