Saturday, May 11, 2013

Florence + The Machine @ SANDANCE!

A quick post about Sandance -

Last weekend was FINALLY Florence + The Machine weekend. One word to describe it - phenomenal  She was amazing live and I am so happy that I got the chance to go. Another one to tick of my musical bucket list! Dubai, like always, was a fun weekend away. It seems silly because it is just an hours flight away from one desert to the next but it is always good to get out of Qatar for a mini-break. Dubai is nothing like Doha so it really feels like you are escaping. Sandance did a great job with this show, and even though the bathrooms where basically in Timbuktu we all had a great time. She rocked every song and it was worth every penny to finally see her sing songs like The Dog Days are Over - clap clap. A weekend of drinks, shopping, too much food, funny taxi stories, dancing, yelling not singing, long lines, and a little sunglass flip action with a "HELLOWWW AWWWAWAAAA."

I cannot finish this quick post without saying that I had my first blonde moment of 2013 when we were in the airport on the way home. Here is how it went... After a the shortest line of the weekend we finally got to the front of the line to check in and the lady tells Pip and me that we are not on the plane. The lady was rude. I was almost in tears. Pip is laughing. Silly me, I had booked us on a plane for August 11th 2013 not May 11th 2013. After the "lovely" lady at the check in counter finally told us where to go the problem was easily solved and we managed to get on the flight - alhamdulillah. Lesson learned for future flight bookings... TRIPLE check my flight dates and then DOUBLE check them again before I press PAY next time. *facepalm*

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