Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drivers License - yeah I'm legal now :)

So last week one of my student's and his father kindly helped me jump a bunch of lines and get my drivers license - the last thing on my to do list now that I have my RP, ID, TAMUQ ID, and HEALTH CARD. Any other nationality can go to the Doha Traffic Office, fill out the forms, take the eye test, and get their Qatar Drivers test, however, rumor has it that in America they make you take the test so in Qatar there is a new law that says American's must take the test. I'm not sure about the reasoning but there was no going around no matter how many people I asked for help or how many times I told the police man I had been driving since I was 15.. blah blah blah.

So I am at Al Rayah Driving School and I am the only American and blonde girl (not the only female) there with my student's father who is helping me cut the lines and speaking in Arabic to people so that I don't get pushed to the back of the very long line. Originally I was told that I would just have to drive a straight line but oh no in true Qatar fashion I have to take the road sign test, AND also drive a little, but not a lot more than a straight line. I pretty much know my road signs, IN AMERICA, so when I got the rather grumpy road sign testing guy and didn't know the crossroad sign, and after he went back to it 3 times I started thinking... "oh crap I am going to fail, how embarrassing, I have been driving in the states for 7 years...." Finally he mutters "crossroads" points at a few more like yield, no park, and stop, then back to the crossroads one where I say loud and clear "CROSSROADS."  Before I know it I am about to get in a very old learners car to drive another guy around for my driving part of the exam. Before I get in the car my student's father says to me "put your seatbelt on, adjust the mirrors, and use your blinker and you will pass" so I did just that as I drove the no personality testing guy around the block and I passed with FLYING colors! Haha - well at least I think so. The guy didn't like the fact that I was going 40 in a 50 and when I asked where to turn he tutted at me but I did everything I was told, and now I am legal on the roads of Qatar.

Well I was legal 4 hrs later when I went to pick up my drivers license and again was the only white, blonde, and this time only female in the waiting area smiling and saying thank you - basically not being rude to anyone. The guy at the desk doing all the paper work was pretty funny when he started up a conversation with me while my license printed about how I was too young to be married after he tried to marry me off to his coworker, and that he hoped to see my smiling face again - which I hope he never does because that would mean I would be in trouble on the roads!

Now I have yet another ID in Qatar to add to my pile...
oh and I am legal on the roads. 

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