Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ordering through your DRIVER!

Driver Culture Post.

So I have now been pushed in front of 3 times by a driver who has been sent to order coffee or FroYo since I have been back - oh how I forgot about the nice manners some people have here! I have been first inline at Starbucks (2 times) and PinkBerry (1 time), and have had to wait while someone who isn't even at the place gets to order before me??!!?? The way things get done here never stops amazing me! Next time I am sending my Dad aka Driver to get my double blended light mocha frappachino, and I am ordering over the phone... I want to see if there is a benefit to this method of ordering!

I had to laugh the other day because as I am all happily ordering my PinkBerry, that I have been dreaming about all day at work, someone pushed in front of me and practically throws his phone at the poor PinkBerry Dude. Conversation goes as follows...

PinkBerry Dude 
(after putting random cell phone to his ear)
"Yes Ma'am"
"You want what?"
"Sorry Ma'am this is PINKBERRY not HAGEN DAZ"
(nicely hands the drive back his phone and says you are in the wrong place)

... how embarrassing for the driver! Serves you right for pushing ahead of all the other PRESENT FroYo customers! 

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