Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 days in a sand storm!

It is hard to take a picture of a sand storm so these two are the best I could capture. As you can see, or can't really, nothing but dusty skies. Today the skies were clear and bright, and the sun was out even with the chill winds from who knows where, however, for the past 3 days we have had nothing but sand flying around in the air. I swept my floor today because I wanted to wait for the storm to be over and maybe I should have taken a picture of that so that you could see just how much dust was left over, INSIDE! After getting home from being at the farm I could feel the layer of dusty sandy all over me, gross I know, but it is all part of living in a desert! I remember when multiply times walking through a sand storm to find my Mom's or Dad's car in the parking lot after school. You couldn't see and walked out into the traffic with your eyes closed so that you didn't get sand in your eyes - safe right? 

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