Sunday, December 1, 2013

BKK - Catching Fire, Mexican, and Margs!

As I have mentioned before Bangkok is not that far away from Amata Nakorn so it is a great get away even if it is just for a night. We got lucky this time because Alex's Mom was visiting her for a night (she got a day off from the cruise ship she is a nurse on) and she let us ride in her taxi!


We had three goals for the weekend and successfully accomplished them all - watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, indulge in Mexican food and margaritas, and go out for a fun night! After sitting very close to the screen for the movie we headed back to our hostel. Tried somewhere different this time on Soi 4. CheQinn hostel is modern and clean - a great place to stay if you want to be in BKK for a few nights in a pretty interesting location. We had dinner at Charlie Browns, a mexican place on Soi 11, and drinks at Cheap Charlies. Always a fun night on Soi 11!


It is so nice to bee able to treat yourself to a night away from your local area! The girls stayed later than me on Sunday to go to a huge market but with the lack of sleep and the margaritas from the night before I knew I couldn't handle it, so I returned home early to do some laundry! Boring I know but I didn't want to get cranky while wandering around a market. I'll save that task for a day when I have more energy!



End note - I aways laugh when I walk by this on the way home... The Perfect City? The worn down look and the dirty paint should explain it all.



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