Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An early Christmas present and my other parents!

I've sad this before and I'll say it again. My Mommy is wonderful. My best friend's parents passed though Thailand on their way to Australia and they ended up staying about an hour away from me in Pattaya at the beautiful Sheraton Resort. I told my Mommy that I didn't want to just spend a day with them so I was going to splurge and stay at their hotel for the night and she said - "Merry Christmas! I'll treat you to a night away from Amata Nakorn!"

It was so lovely to see friendly faces, eat delicious food, drink wine, laugh, and catch up with two people who mean a lot to me. I've known them since I was two. They are not just my best friend's parents but more like a second set of parents.

The hotel was amazing and I managed to get their all by my self - no travel buddies. I battled the minibus task and faced my fears in a moped taxi and it was 100 percent worth it. The bed was so big and comfy. The shower was one of those huge waterfall ones - glorious! The resort itself is a little piece of paradise in a not so nice Pattaya. Pattaya isn't one of the loveliest places to visit in Thailand but at this hotel you don't even know you are in Pattaya.

I told my Mommy how great the hotel was and she has already book me, Alex, and Nichole a room for Christmas Eve since we get the 24th and the 25th off work. Can't wait to go back for a relaxing night away in probably the best hotel I'll stay in during my travels in Thailand as it's normally hostels, mattresses on the floor, or a bed with the three of us in it. We will relax by the pool where they play Christmas music and have Christmas Eve drinks at a rooftop bar!
1 of 3 pools.
View from my room.
Travelers palms.

View from the lobby.

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