Wednesday, December 4, 2013

3 days off work due to political reasons...

So we came back from BKK Sunday knowing that the protests, which have been going on for a few weeks, now had become violent the night before. Sunday night we were informed that class for Monday would be cancelled because many of our students come from Bangkok and we follow the main campus there when it comes to days off and so on.


It is now Wednesday night and we have had three days off because of the unrest. People say that it will calm down because tomorrow is the a holiday for the king, and it would be really disrespectful if they had any protests on his birthday. The protestors have taken over government buildings in hope that the prime minister will step down as she is the sister of the ex prime minister who was exiled from Thailand. Currently, she would like to bring her brother back and this is why people in Thailand are protesting. Apparently from what I have heard, and read, he was a horrible man and had many Thai people killed. It is unfortunate that all their peaceful protests have gotten larger and people have lost their lives. This is a sad time for many Thai people and I hope that they work it all out soon so they can go back to the peaceful lives they usually live.


We do not have school tomorrow because it was already a holiday for The King's Birthday and our coordinator says that school will open again on Friday. I know this sounds silly to say but I really wish Monday through Wednesday had not been canceled because now I am going to be so behind in my lesson plans - oh how times have changed! I would have killed for days off and now as a teacher I'm actually worried and not happy.


Amata has been extremely boring these past few days off. It was nice at first to be lazy but then being lazy got frustrating and dull. There isn't much to do in this small "city" and my tutoring was cancelled last minute so it wasn't like I could plan on going somewhere for these unexpected days off. I cannot wait until Friday at 3.45 when we can escape to go climb waterfalls!

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