Sunday, November 24, 2013

Staying local! Back to back weekends in Amata!

The last two weekends we have stayed local to save money... November has been a tight month because we tried to live off of 2 weeks pay from October. It was hard and I would be lying if I said I did not dip into my savings. Staying local in Amata is pretty boring. You have to make your own fun! Here are a 10 ways to kill time when you say local -


1. Pool time. That is right work on your tan! It is just really unlucky when your first weekend is rainy and overcast. Pool time for me means relaxation, spending the day in the sun, and living in my MOO MOO dress for a day.

2. Do ALL your laundry. You have plenty of time to let it dry. Simple enough and surprisingly it takes a while!


3. Catch up on your TV shows. Perfect day/afternoon task!


4. Go to your local bar and force your OEG pals to sing karaoke with your new friend and local singer King. It will be one of the highlights of your weekend. Your friends might need redemption and the next time you go to grab a beer after dinner the Thai waitresses will point and laugh because they remember them singing.

5. Eat at the restaurant you never get to eat a because during the week it is always closed for dinner. Don't be shocked when your meal has a whole chicken in it. Or when what you order at your other restaurant comes out very different at this one.


6. Explore the local areas near by. Bang Saen is our nearest beach town so we spent the day there and participated in Loi Krathong events. See Loi Krathong post for details about this event!

7. Go to the mall. No not your local mall! Go to the one in the main city if you are not already there. While you are there watch a movie in English. Our local movie theatre does not have English movies so we got to watch Thor :) Happy days!


8. Plan all your future adventures and freak out when you realize how little time you have. December is already PACKED!


9. Paint your nails. Yes I said it. Again, you have plenty of time to let them dry!


10. Sleep. You don't sleep much when you travel. You don't sleep that well during the school week. Naps are your friend - don't neglect your need for rest!


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