Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohhhh Nichole - Chapter 2

If you thought there was only going to be one chapter then boy were you wrong. Nichole you are my hero! I am posting a link to Nichole's blog here because one day you will be reading her articles in the National Geogrpahic Travel magazine and I wanted to be one of the first people to highlight her writing - really I'm just taking some really early credit here :) - enjoy!

While eating chili and basil chicken at The Blue Tile in Amata -

Nichole to Alex: Your sweat tache just got real.


While sitting in a restaurant -

Alex: Would you pull your skirt down!

Nichole as she fans herself: What? I am just cooling off.


A random night message -

Nichole: I'm just having a dance party in my room right now.


The Friday she came home to something missing -

Nichole: The maids hate me... I clearly ask them to remove too many bugs... I don't have a bathroom door anymore.


At "The Pub" in Amata -

Me: I wonder what type of music they are going to sing.

Nichole: I hope it is some slow and depressing stuff. That is right up my ally.

And the she started singing Ironic for us.


On the topic of respect in the classroom -

Nichole: My students are not afraid of me. I mean look at my stink eye. Is it not scary?

Are you scared?

At 1yolo in Bankgok -

Nichole: If it doesn't freak you out too much you can use my towel. Silly for you to rent one.


While walking back to our mansion listening to Nichole sing -

Alex: You would get us killed at a karaoke bar!

Nichole: I always knew I would die singing, doing something I love. It wouldn't shock my parents. I'm not allowed to sing around my family.

Me: Here lies Nichole taken from us too soon at a karaoke bar.


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