Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh those freshman!

This week I had to do a presentation with our summer employee Maha about plagiarism to the new "freshes" at Texas A&M. We also had to do 1 hour activities with smaller groups. The presentation was a little nerve raking but the group activities were fun because they were smaller.

This week I realized two things -


I wish I was a freshman. I just wanted to befriend them all. They looked so worried with their piles of books and scary schedules. CMU orientation is going on this week also and they all just looked so star eyed and scared. This one kid on the first day must have let his father convince him that a suit was a great idea so he was walking around campus in a grey suit with sneakers on his feet. Thank goodness he had friends because my heart was melting for the little guy! I also have seen 2 of my JUMPSTART kids enjoying their orientation days and this makes me EXTREMELY happy!


I have really missed my months off in the classroom. I loved being in front of a class, answering questions, and challenging them. I haven't had a class in MONTHS so it was nice to remember what a classroom was like and a good reminder that I will soon be teaching again! 

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