Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Full Stop.

One of my students missed class yesterday so he was informed that he had to catch up on the reading. I knew this was not going to happen but I always inform them of what they missed so they can catch up if they want to. Today we were reading and I notice he is not reading along with us.

This is how the conversation then went -

Me - "BLANK why are you not reading along and underlining words you do not know?"

BLANK - "Catie I have already read this chapter last night."

Me (know that this was not true) - "Well if you have read this chapter then why don't you fill us all in on what happens in the end..."

BLANK - "Oh yes... at the end of the chapter... there is... there is a FULL STOP!"

Everyone started laughing, including myself, while BLANK went to the end of the chapter to prove that there was a full stop. I was secretly hoping that it ended in another form of punctuation. An exclamation mark would have been nice! 

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