Sunday, March 10, 2013


LJ came to visit for "Spring Break" and I sure hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. I am extremely happy and grateful that one of my American friends could make the long journey over to Qatar. It is a long plane trip for just a week but I think we successful used our time wisely! I love that I was able to show Lauren the real Qatar, hopefully, she won't return to the states and tell people I live in a tent and ride a camel to work. I love showing people what Qatar really is and the fun you can have here!

As silly as it may seem it was really fun to be a tourist for a week. I went to places that I normally don't go to because I wanted LJ to see everything and boy did we do everything... we made friends with come camels and some Bedouin children, had plenty of hummus, shopped at the souq, shisha, fun nights out, tanning alongside the beautiful Doha Skyline, the museum, reggae nights and beach bbqs, drinks at The W, sushi at Katara, cupcakes, horse races, endurance horse races, henna, and sand dunes. I am sure there is stuff missing from this list... we did everything there is to do in Doha.

The pictures to prove it -

Making friends with some camels and their owners :) 

Tourist photo at the Islamic Art Museum with the Doha Skyline in the background.

Fountains at the museum.

After we said no to the camel ride. 

Whatcha looking at?

Hopefully she went back with a tan!

Falcon shopping at the Souq

Arabian Horses hanging out at the Souq.


Shopping complete! 

Tanning on LJ's birthday. 

Dinner at The W was a must :) 

Birthday dinner on the beach :) 

QAWS Ball!


Lemon and Mint 

Economy Class

Desert Endurance Horse Race

Playing on the Sand Dunes! 

And now she has done it all! 

Camel Loving <3 

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