Saturday, November 17, 2012

Haven't we seen that sand dune already?

Back to back weekends at almost the Inland Sea (near Saudi)! The weather has started to change so we have started to take advantage of the desert. Pamela and I were joking around saying "where shall we go this weekend? Last weekend we were riding elephants maybe this weekend we should go ride camels" and this turned into a desert day - sadly no camels though. 

Most people here drive SUVs with 4 wheel drive yet most people don't even drive them in the desert. Pamela wanted to take her new baby out for a test drive in the desert, little did she know that her new car was going to receive her new name, bump. Having never driven in the desert before Pamela mistook hard ground for soft and she floored it over a bump. Apples went flying, butts of chairs, and a lot of swear words were screamed. We thought everything was fine until we got to a flat strip of land and I heard a sound. Pamela's bumper had fallen halfway off! After the boys came back for us and "fixed" it we carried on. Until the bumper completely fell off when we were on a sand dune! Poor bump! She did so well minus the bumper! After all this drama we got to the beach and enjoyed the day. Thankfully the drive back was not as dramatic. 

The next weekend we decided to go again. This time I was in Dina's car. Dina, oh Dina, I love ya! Even when you drive down a sand dune with your eyes closed! WE got stuck 3... maybe 4 times. The worst being when we finally got there. She was REALLY stuck the last time. Spinning wheels and all. After breaking a few tow ropes and getting another car stuck in the process of getting her out a nice family form two sand dunes over came to our rescue on their quad bikes. They pulled both of them out in no time. Thank goodness for that family... we probably would have been stuck there for a while and Dina could of lost her car at sea! 

Two back to back great weekends our in the desert! Makes you remember that Qatar can be interesting and fun despite being a big sand pit! Got to make your own fun... I am sure there will be more desert days to come! 

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