Sunday, February 26, 2012

The right idea - but? Week 4 of teaching!

I am loving every minute I spend in the classroom with our 14 guys! They are all so funny, and we really have a great time together. We are constantly joking and I think that the atmosphere is pretty great for a class of 14 Arabic guys being taught by 2 blonde females. We spend Sunday through Tuesday studying ONLY English which pretty much consists of correcting grammar, spelling words and sentences, working on listening skills, speaking and reading out loud to practice vocabulary and pronunciation, and writing essays. All of this, and some practice tests from the IELTS book because these guys need to improve their scores on the exam! I feel like being hands on is teaching me way more than I am learning from my ONLINE course and I am really grateful that I am getting this experience.

I love the one liners they sometimes come up with because the translation is always interesting, and the words they guess with you can't help but laugh at... like the question I got the other day from one of the younger students - "miss, do you paint your hair?" - why thanks for pointing out that my roots are showing :) or when I am correcting work and the sentence is so backwards that you have to start from the very beginning on a new sheet of paper without making the student feel like what he did was wrong. Or like above... A misuse of a word but a perfect sentence if you remove the last two letters.

It is a never a dull day in our conference room class room at Qatar Foundation. 

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