Friday, February 10, 2012

"Money, Money, Money. Must be funny. In a rich man's world."

After so many years of traveling I can honestly say that American money is so boring. Sorry America - but it is true! How can you not love all the colors in the Qatari Riyals. I also like the fact that the bigger the bill the higher the value. So that 500 Riyal note ladies and gents is the largest in size. I didn't happen to have a 50 on me when I took this photo but it is a reddisd/pink/purple color - I shall post a picture later. 

Incase you were wondering 3.65 Riyals = 1 Dollar. Fix exchange.

So even though things are not always cheap over here in Doha, my egg sandwich I sometimes get in the morning in Al Shahania before the farm, or before I head back to town for work costs me 2.50 Riyals so my breakfast costs me about 70 cents. You can keep your McDonalds egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit because trust me my egg, chili, tomato, cucumber, cheese, wrapped in a special kind of bread (I forget the name of it). Delicious! 

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